The Show is back in Town

March 08, 2018 2 mins de leitura 1 Comment

The UEFA Champions League has come back to our TV screens in the last couple of weeks to give us the best of football, as we are used to every season. Mainly recognized as the best club competition in the world of football, there are several obvious reasons that sustain the claim.
It’s simply delightful to watch the best players playing for the most powerful teams, in the best stadiums and supported by some of the most enthusiastic fans. Just the atmosphere itself, creates some of the most impressive images that we can see every season, as well as some of the most beautiful moments of football experienced on the pitches across Europe.

Despite the growth registered by this competition every season, the more sceptical still argue that the real UEFA Champions League starts only in the quarter-finals. This year, the draw system applied in this competition, which can be tricky, granted its fans three duels between teams from the top five leagues in Europe that led to very interesting matches.

The Real Madrid vs PSG, Chelsea vs Barcelona and Juventus vs Tottenham are comparable to that generous cocktail, filled by delicious appetizers, which precedes the main event. To be fair to all these six teams, every single one of them has enough quality in their squads to reach the Final, so in this case the appetizer was truly gourmet.

Champions League Trophy The Round of 16 is a point of honour to the fans of these teams. Until the end of 2018, they can state that their team has been one of the best 16 teams in Europe during that season, taking its country’s flag to the knockout stage of the best club competition ever played. It’s also a big opportunity to travel across Europe supporting their teams and making some of the biggest fans’ tours seen in Sport. This is even more true for the British fans.

It’s enjoyable for a southern-European, like the one writing you this text, to watch the way the British “invade” some cities during the days before a European match, and almost always with an enviable level of fair play. 2018 is a special year for football fans. Every four years the UEFA Champions League must share the public’s attention with other outstanding football competition and 2018 is a FIFA World Cup year.


Nevertheless, the Champions League gets the public’s recognition year after year. And since June is still a little bit far away, let’s sit and enjoy the magic that starts with that magnificent Tony Britten’s lyric silencing every stadium and flooding the dreams of every young footballer worldwide. “Let the show begin!”

Article by Guest Writer:
Diogo Ambrioso

Footballaholic at SAK

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March 09, 2018

Thoughtful and well argued. Great read.

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