SAK and SL Benfica launch exclusive partnership

November 29, 2017 2 mins de leitura

SAK Morph SLB - Pedro AmaralSAK Project presents the official Sport Lisboa and Benfica shin guard model.

A safer shin guard with superior materials and an exclusive Sport Lisbon and Benfica design. 

The shin guards with the S.L.B. official design are available in 3 models, two of which are customizable - SAK Morph SLB, SAK Morph SLB ID and SAK Morph SLB Custom Graphics.

The base model provides the official SL Benfica design with the colors and the symbol that depict the club's mystique and achievements throughout its 113 years of existence.

In the SAK Morph SLB ID model, the player has the option to add his name and number to the official design.

Finally, in the SAK SLB Custom Graphics model, the player, besides adding his name and number, can also insert a photograph and/or a signature, transforming his shin guards into a truly unique product.

SAK SLB shin guards have all the expertise present in SAK's top shin guards. Unique comfort, provided by their perfect fit, obtained from hundreds of 3D scans of players' legs, combined with an inner layer of protection composed of an antibacterial foam, certified by the European norm EN 13001, guaranteeing smell and skin irritations free shin guards.

The exclusive SAK SLB shin guards are available at Benfica Official Stores, SAK authorized distributors and re-sellers and the official SAK online store at

In addition to these models available in the usual sales channels, SAK Project and SL Benfica are promoting more and more the safety and protection of young athletes. For this purpose, a model that is sold exclusively in football schools can be, from now on, acquired by all students enrolled in Geração Benfica Football Schools.


SAK Morph SL Benfica 

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Product Launch at Benfica Offical Store 

On the 26th of November during SL Benfica VS Vitória F.C our lovely promoters were present in Estádio da Luz spreading the word on our exclusive collaboration. 

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